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Suvimie Associates specialises in marketing and exporting a wide range of products from Sri Lanka, including Coconut & Other Palm Based Products, Exotic Spices, Blended Ceylon Teas and Varieties of Rice, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

Suvimie Associates has already gained a strong reputation as an exporter of high quality products, while also promoting Sri Lanka as a destination for ecotourism. We mainly cater to markets in the United States, Russia, Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia and the Asia Pacific, while being receptive to any new market opportunities that come our way.

Seamlessly integrating with the local community of producers and processors while establishing vital linkages, Suvimie Associates provides the necessary capital, essential managerial expertise and logistical efficacy with great success.

The Company was established by a dynamic group of professionals with impressive and proven track records spanning more than thirty years. These visionary entrepreneurs not only bring industry expertise to the table, but also strong business acumen and a passion for excellence and high quality customer service.

… Promoting products and places of Sri Lanka… serving global markets and local community …

Why Suvimie Associates?

For centuries, Sri Lanka has captivated many a traveller with its natural beauty, vibrant culture and its ever hospitable people. In addition to this, Sri Lanka has also been a vital destination for trade, shipping and commodity exports. Its strategic location in the Indian Ocean and the favourable climate has made Sri Lanka famous for export crops such as Tea, Rubber, Coconut and Spices. Our legendary Ceylon Tea is the world’s most sought after tea for its rich flavour and aroma. The quality of Sri Lanka’s Rubber and Coconut products can also seldom be matched, while Sri Lanka is also the world’s premier exporter of Cinnamon and a variety of other Exotic Spices such as Pepper, Cardamom, Cloves, Nutmeg, etc.

Suvimie Associates is in a unique position to help you get the best of what Sri Lanka has to offer due to the following reasons.

Our Expertise

Suvimie operations are headed by some of the industry’s most respected and experienced individuals. Their insights and strong business acumen will ensure that our customers will always have the best products at the best price.

High Quality Products

With our years of experience in the industry and diverse expertise, we are able to secure our products from reliable sources. Our backward integration process ensures continuity and consistency.

Personalised Service

We are an efficacious outfit that offers all our clients a professional and truly personalised service. Talk to us and you will feel the difference.

What we do

The process of delivering high quality products consistently on time requires quite a bit of planning with processes needing to operate like clockwork. Here are some of the main ‘behind-the-scene’ functions carried-out by Suvimie Associates.


We operate with plenty of enthusiasm and dynamism when dealing with our global customers, building lasting relationships. Our primary focus is on guaranteeing a high level of customer satisfaction with the timely delivery of quality products.


Our finance professionals ensure that the processes from producer to consumer are functional at all times, appropriately addressing the funding requirements that arise. Simultaneously, they ensure the efficiency of transaction processing.


Backed by our many years of experience handling diverse issues in a multiplicity of industries, Suvimie Associates has created processes and systems that are a sure recipe for success in all facets of our business.


Our backward integration system ensures the wellbeing of producers and processors, while guaranteeing continuity and consistency of supplies. Our logistics team coordinates activities and infuses efficiencies at all levels, to make sure that your products are packed and shipped to the proper destination at the precise time.

Board of Directors

A dynamic group of professionals with impressive and proven track records, industry expertise, strong business acumen and a passion for excellence and high quality customer service.

Sumith Cumaranatunga
Sumith Cumaranatunga

“… Chartered Management Accountant, Certified Practising Accountant and Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Visionary strategist and charismatic leader with an outstanding record of performance, professionalism and integrity. …”

Hiranga Mohotti
Managing Director

“… Master in Business Administration, Member of the Institute of Management and Associate Member of the Institute of Management Specialists. Managerially experienced in human resources, operations, quality assurances, finance & accounting, plantations, etc., demonstrating the capacity for execution of plans and timely delivery of exceptional results. …”

Upendra Cumaranatunga

“… Former banker. Well versed in front office operations and management of investments. …”

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