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“Tea – The Chinese may have discovered it. But we Sri Lankans perfected it!”

The earliest mention of tea in history dates back to over 5,000 years ago when the Chinese Emperor Shennong used it for medicinal purposes in 2,737 BC. Over the centuries, tea gradually became more common and today it is one of the most popular and sought after beverages in the world. When James Taylor first cultivated tea in Sri Lanka, little did he know that he would alter the course of Sri Lanka’s economy and agriculture forever! Sri Lanka is the world’s premier supplier of the finest teas. Our Pure Ceylon Tea is famous the world over and its flavour and aroma is unparalleled.

Why Ceylon Tea?

Suvimie uses its expertise and skills to present the world with our own unique blend of Ceylon Tea. We source our teas from the finest tea growers in the country and export it to all corners of the world. The Company offers a wide range of Pure Ceylon Teas of varied types and flavours. Given below are some of these varieties.

Black Tea

Tea grown in different areas of Sri Lanka has its own distinct colour and taste. Following are some of the regions from which we acquire our teas.

Uva Region – Grown in the eastern slopes of Ceylon´s central mountains

Dimbula Region – Dimbula was one of the first areas in Ceylon to be planted with tea after coffee in the 1870s. The plantations produce a typical high grown tea.

Kandy Region – The tea plantations around Kandy supply what are known as mid-country teas. These are notable for full bodied strong teas, which appeal to everyone who likes a good brew with a strong colour.

Ruhunu Region – Teas from the low-grown areas of Ceylon are much sought after particularly in Middle Eastern countries.

Nuwara Eliya Region – Teas from Nuwara Eliya are light in colour with a unique taste and aroma.

Radella Region – Radella is a region in the central highlands surrounded by breath-taking mountain peaks, where perfect climatic and soil conditions bring forth some of the best teas in the world.

Green Tea

Green Tea is popular the world over for its many therapeutic qualities. Sri Lanka produces some of the world’s best varieties of Green Tea.

Flavoured and Blended Tea

Suvimie presents you with an array of Flavoured & Blended Pure Ceylon Teas to make your tea drinking experience even more enjoyable.

Our Product Range

Black Tea

Available in different variations

Uva Region

Dimbula Region

Kandy Region

Ruhunu Region

Nuwara Eliya Region

Radella Region

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Green Tea

Available in different variations

Green Freshness

Green Tea Fanning

Ceylon GT Gun Powder (Special)

Green Mint

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Flavoured Tea

Available in different variations

Ginger Flavoured Tea

Lemon & Lime Flavoured Tea

Masala Chai

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