High Quality Coconut
based Products & Other
from Sri Lanka

Suvimie offers a range of high quality Organic Certified
Coconut Products including Virgin Coconut Oil and
Coconut Vinegar, as well as Kitul Treacle and Cocopeat

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The World's Finest
Spices from Sri Lanka

Suvimie offers a wide range of spices including
whole spices, blends, ready mixes, herbs and
a wide range of pulses

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Pure Ceylon Tea
The World's Finest

Suvimie's Ceylon Tea range offers some of the world's
finest blends in Black, Green and Flavoured Teas

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Rice from Sri Lanka

Suvimie offers a range of Red Rice, White Rice,
Samba Rice and Traditional Rice of ancient
heritage from Sri Lanka

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Fresh Fruit and

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables from
Sri Lanka's lush plantations

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Enjoy the Beauty of
a Resplendent Island

Suvimie also offers you the opportunity to catch a
glimpse of some of Sri Lanka's hidden yet abundant

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At a glance

Suvimie Associates specialises in marketing and exporting a wide range of products from Sri Lanka, including Coconut & Other Palm Based Products, Exotic Spices, Blended Ceylon Teas and Varieties of Rice, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

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… Promoting products and places of Sri Lanka… serving global markets and local community …

What makes us unique

High Quality Products

Our range of products is of the highest export quality from the best producers in Sri Lanka.

Personalised Service

We offer all our clients a professional and truly personalised service.

Strength and Resources

We have the strength and resources to consolidate shipments and deliver on time, all the time.


Products & Services We Offer

While catering to the ever growing global demand for Ceylon Tea, Spices and Coconut
based Products from Sri Lanka, Suvimie Associates offers a wide range of products for the export market.
This includes black tea, green tea, flavoured/value added teas, cloves, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, curry powders,
virgin coconut oil, varieties of rice, fruit drinks, Sri Lankan cashew, fresh and canned fruits and vegetables,
kitul treacle, cocopeat, etc.

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