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“If the vagaries of the wind brought the Portuguese to Ceylon, lure of cinnamon made them stay in the island”. – Dr. Colvin R De Silva
For centuries, spices have been popularly used the world over to add flavour to food, as medicine and as a food preservative. Wars have been won and lost over spices. Countries especially in Asia were colonised by the Westerners because of it. Such is the importance of spices in the day to day lives of people. Sri Lanka is one of the world’s most popular producers and exporters of spices and condiments, especially Cinnamon.

Why Spice based Products?

Suvimie sources spices from some of Sri Lanka’s best spice farmers. Each region in Sri Lanka is popular for its own types of spices and we have clearly defined the areas from which we source each spice. Suvimie offers a wide range of spices including whole spices, blends, ready mixes, herbs and a wide range of pulses. Our range of spices and condiments includes Cinnamon Quills, Cinnamon Powder, Black Pepper, Cloves, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Dry Ginger, Turmeric Powder, Roasted, Crushed and Unroasted Chillie Powder, Roasted and Unroasted Curry Mix and Garacinia (Goraka) Powder. Given below is our full range of Sri Lankan spices and condiments.

Our Product Range


Available in different variations
Alba 5C 4C 4M H1 H2 Quillings Cut Cinnamon Cinnamon Powder Cinnamon Oil Get a Quote


Available in different variations
Black Pepper White Pepper Black Pepper Powder White Pepper Powder Black Peppercorns Get a Quote


Available in different variations
Clove Powder Get a Quote


Available in different variations
Ginger Powder Get a Quote


Available in different sizes
Cardamom Powder Get a Quote


Available in different sizes
Nutmeg Powder Get a Quote

Rang of Curry Powders

Available in different variations
Chilli Powder (Roasted) Chilli Crushed (Un-roasted) Curry Mix Powder (Roasted) Curry Mix Powder (Un-roasted) Turmeric Powder Garacinia (Goraka) Powder Get a Quote

Betel Leaves

Available in different quantities
25 Pc Get a Quote  

Why Coconut based Products?

Suvimie having identified the growing demand for Coconut Based Products from Sri Lanka, offers a range of products. Given below is our full range of coconut based products from Sri Lanka.

Our Product Range

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Available in different sizes
250 ml High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) 300 ml High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) 500 ml High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) 40 ml Glass Jars 225 ml Glass Jars 300 ml Glass Jars 500 ml Glass Jars 1 lt Bottles Get a Quote


Available in different shapes and sizes
Coir Blocks and Cocopeat in Briquettes – 5 kg Blocks Coir Fibre Pith Bale – 25 kg Blocks Mini Coir Cubes Coir Disks Weed Control Mats Get a Quote

Kithul Treacle

Available in different sizes
340 ml Bottles 750 ml Bottles 1 lt Bottles Get a Quote

Why Rice based Products?

Suvimie benefits from some of Sri Lanka’s premier rice growers and source from only the best as the Company strives to provide you with a range of Red Rice, White Rice, Samba Rice and Traditional Rice of ancient heritage from Sri Lanka. Our product range includes commonly used types of rice such as Keeri Samba Rice, White Raw Rice and Red Raw Rice, as well as traditional Sri Lankan rice varieties such as Kalu Heenati, Pachchaperumal, Suwandel, Kuruluthuda, Rathkada and Hetadha Wee.

Our Product Range

Commonly used Rice

Available in different variations
Keeri Samba Rice White Raw Rice Red Raw Rice Parboiled Red Rice Get a Quote

Traditional Rice

Available in different variations
Kalu Heenati Pachchaperumal Suwadel Kuruluthuda Rathkada Hetadawee Get a Quote
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